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The Minautor is an electric mining vehicle developped to be used in underground mines. It can transport two workers and their tools.


  • Maximum speed: 30km/hr
  • Net weight: 1332kg
  • Load capacity: 360kg
  • Total maximum weight: 1692kg
  • Can carry two passengers in a FOPS/ROPS certified cab


  • Environnementaly friendly
  • Provides better working conditions
  • No greenhouse gas  emission
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Adaptable to specific needs

Four wheel independant suspension for superior comfort and handling

Aluminum built frame, cab and body panels

Braking Systyem


The Minautor features four wheel mounted disc brakes and enclosed disc brakes are available in option.


A spring applied electromagnetic released braking system is installed on both rear and front transaxle. It serves as a parking brake and an emergency failsafe brake in the event of a failure in the electrical system of the vehicle.


The Minautor is also equipped with a dynamic braking system that uses the motors as electric generators which produce electricity by slowing down the vehicle. The energy produced is then stored back into the battery pack for a superior autonomy. Dynamic braking intensity is adjustable as per the user’s needs and is highly efficient at maintaining a safe speed during long downhill descent. Moreover, the dynamic brake system can be programmed to progressively stop the vehicle when the accelerator pedal is released, which virtually eliminates the use of the conventional braking system.



  • Two 7,5kw electric motors, each capable of developing a torque of 130 Nm (96 ft-lbs) for a total of 2895 Nm (2137 ft-lbs) at the wheels

Utility loading spaces

Convenient load bed with cargo lights and removable tailgate.
Large closed frontal storage compartment with wide opening.

Interior commodities

  • Adjustable seats with spring suspension
  • Windshield wiper with washer
  • Flasher/hazards
  • High/low beam toggle switch
  • Horn
  • Defrost fan with heater
  • Tooless adjustable handbrake
  • In dash storage compartment
  • 12 V outlet


381 cm (150 in) L x 165 (65 in) W x 208 (82 in H)

29.2cm (11 ½ in) ground clearance

CSA B352.0-09 FOPS and ROPS certified cab

Energy storage

Powered by 12 Valence XP battery modules
Total available power of 21,2kWh

Battery life cycle

The number of charges and discharges depends upon the conditions of operation. It can vary between 1700 and 2700 cycles.


The batteries, without a thermal control system, can operate at temperatures between  -10°c and +50°c.
The table below shows the autonomy depending on speed and road type



Battery charging

  • SAE J1772 compliant charging system for safety.
  • The time to charge the batteries depends upon the capacity of the charger and the level of discharge.
  • For a completely discharged battery pack, it will take:  5 hours with a 4 kW charger and 3 hours with a 8 kW charger
  • 21,2 kWh are needed to fully recharge the batteries. In average, it costs $1,75 for a complete recharge (At 0,07$/kWh)

Environnmentaly friendly

*By using the Minautor instead of a diesel vehicle, greenhouse gases emissions are significantly reduced.

From direct diesel consumption of one vehicle only.  

Low operation costs

Annual operation costs can be lowered by as much as 7259$.

Modular construction

  • The Minautor can be disassebled into modules to allow it to be transported underground and reassembled.
  • Industrial grade eletronic connectors for superior durability and ease of use.