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Our mission, based on our knowhow, is to make steel, aluminium and polymer products for sale on global markets.


We attach special importance to maintaining close collaboration with our customers, in order to meet the common objectives of reducing costs and improving customer service. The members of our team all endeavour to meet our customers’ expectations and requirements, while meeting very high quality standards and offering longer-lasting products.


  • Engineering
  • Design, drawing, fabrication
  • Welding
  • Machining
  • Bending
  • Oxycutting
  • Heat treatment
  • Polymer


Our company shines in three distinct divisions. For each of them, our products are inspected by our quality control before shipping. This control ensures consistent quality of our products and our customers’ satisfaction. (ISO-9001:2008)


The Traction and Protection Products Division fabricates chains and tracks from alloyed steel for all types of heavy equipment used in forest and mining sectors.

Our traction and protection products are all designed to withstand the harshest climates and the roughest terrains. They are heat treated after assembly to increase their wear resistance and prevent cracking due to steel stresses during assembly.


The Fabricaton and Service Division specializes in fabricating attachments, repairing and modifying heavy machinery. We also make innovative products for aluminium smelters and mines. We can also carry out many projects with polymer.


We have the equipment required to carry out large-scale projects to meet our customers’ expectations and needs. Our fabrication team is composed of welders who all meet the Canadian Welding Bureau’s high standards. We have no problem with a project’s scope and multiple specificities, because we have the team it takes to perform all types of projects.


The MINAUTOR highly versatile innovative  vehicle made of aluminium. This very sturdy vehicle has 4-wheel drive and is 100% electric and ecological. The MINAUTOR is designed to transport people and small tools in underground mines.